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Wow, you have stepped out of your J.O.B. into the world of self-employment.


The company name, legal logistics, and the idea are firmly in place but the doors are only partially open.

There is so much to do and learn (or re-learn if this is not your first go round).

What are you thinking now?

Could these be some of the other conversations you are having with yourself?

  • Who can help me stay the course to help me realize this dream turned reality?
  • How do I manage my time to juggle my work load and down time?
  • How do I increase my business and then handle it well?
  • I am now The Boss (of Yourself or many).  How do I become the best one I can?
  • I have a flood of ideas for my business, who can I bounce them off of and get constructive criticism?
  • I feel alone, stuck and not sure which way to turn. Who can I talk to for help?
  • How do I plan to get these new (even bigger) goals accomplished?
  • What really is my Mission with this business and how do I want it to reflect my own values?
  • With whom can I build strategic partnerships?
  • How can I access affordable legal guidance? There is a solution……

Everyone Deserves Legal Protection

I have been a long time, very satisfied customer of this phenomenal service. Now I am able to assist my own prospects or clients in obtaining the same great peace of mind.

“At LegalShield, we’ve been offering legal plans for 40 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection – and everyone can afford it. Unexpected legal questions arise every day and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to a high-quality law firm for as little as $20 a month. From real estate to document review, speeding tickets to will preparation, and more, our attorneys are here to advise you with any legal matter – no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem. Our law firms are paid in advance so their sole focus is on serving you, rather than billing you. With our legal plan you will be protected and empowered to worry less and live more.”

To learn more or select the right plan for your: or Email