BVN 2-18-2013 Barriers to Success

Group Coaching unites like minded entrepreneurs  and small business owners in a Master Mind setting to brainstorm, provide feedback, uncover creative solutions, and foster a support system beyond the group setting.

The coach will provide facilitation, accountability, and strategic coaching  to integrate new learnings or habits. The goal is to energize and inspire each member to return to their businesses with greater passion, focus, and an actionable plan.

Other customized variables to be considered when assembling a GROUP are assessing the group’s needs, determining the meeting venue (virtual or in person), frequency of meetings, duration of each, and group size limits.

“IDentify the Leader in You!”

Our specialty for Group Coaching,  also our tagline, utilizes a specific system called  Energy Leadership Development.

New groups are always being formed.  Ask about one now!

Your Personal Professional Advisory Board

The handicap of many small businesses is not having a senior level team of skilled personnel to provide feedback and brainstorm ideas to direct, protect, and grow the most cherished possession, your company.

How would it feel to have your very own Board of Directors to assist you in your business growth,  keep you on track, share knowledge, and experiences? This program is the solution to the alone-ness for the Small Business Owner.

We gather non-competing experienced Small Business Owners under the leadership of an experienced Small Business Owner, Facilitator, and Professionally trained Coach to meet monthly in small, confidential groups for leadership development, problem solving, objectivity, and accountability. Members help one another to make better decisions, become better leaders and create fulfilling lives — in an atmosphere of good will and trust.

Strategic Retreats

This is the opportunity for the leadership team to develop new ideas and strength their unity to accomplish.  The initial step is to assess the team members prior to the Retreat.  Once at the Site,  an Alliance for relationship building and strengthening is created followed by collaboration for the outcome desired such as a business plan, bigger visions, goals, action plans, and clarity around each piece. 

TESTIMONIALS:  2015 Business Planning Workshop for Entrepreneurs 

Front full view niceThis is an information packed, hands on, interactive workshop directed toward entrepreneurs and professionals seriously interested in preparing to navigate and grow themselves past their fears and drive their businesses to a higher level. We cover key areas and look at each one with fresh eyes to clarify the reasons your business exists and how to maximize its potential and yours!

  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Marketing, Goals, Strategies, and Operations
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Personal Development

 What are some of the attendees saying about this event?  Look below! 

Donna O’Dell Hoke, President

Newark, DE

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 30 days or 30 years, if Donna’s offering a seminar for Entrepreneurs, you will be glad you attended.  She has a way of providing practical “feet on the ground” advice while helping you get in touch with all those pesky intangibles that make your business special.  And, she brings it all to you with grace and passion, backed by a lifetime of experience.”

Meg Wood, Licensed Mortgage Originator

AnnieMac Home Mortgage, Kennett Square, PA

 I took this workshop because I recently began my journey as an Entrepreneur of sorts.  I am employed, however it is commission based and I have to find and build my business. As a new Entrepreneur, there are so many anxieties, uncertainties, self-doubt and feeling of no direction in the beginning stages.  Donna delivered a workshop that provided an abundance of information that will help ease the pains and provide guidance for the beginning of my journey.

This workshop was delivered with a true feeling of compassion, understanding and positive encouragement.  It came from a place of experience that was backed with real life situations and challenges that the instructor herself, Donna Spina, had encountered during times of her career.  Donna clearly and effectively delivered not only a positive message, but provided strategies to help build a plan for the future of our business.    It challenged each person to dig deep to draw out feelings, both positive and negative, to which they can further explore and build from.  I felt very encouraged, supported and hopeful after attending this workshop that I to will be successful in my journey.

I highly recommend this workshop to any Entrepreneur not just new, but seasoned as well.  It was packed full of information and strategies to help begin formulating business plans, polish your plan, execute your plan or enhance existing business plans.  There is something for everyone!

Kate Perry, Owner

Accents and Amenities Home Staging and Redesign LLC 

Donna’s Business Planning Workshop has helped me map out a precise plan for expanding my business.  Donna provided instruction on creating a vision, defining and setting goals, developing business strategies, and staying focused on my action plan for success.  Donna offered suggestions for overcoming challenges, capitalizing on strengths, and maintaining a positive mindset to develop myself as an asset to my business!

 Patrick C., Owner

Chris’ Bakery

Future Location:  Washington State

 Developing a plan to re-start Chris’ Bakery on Whidbey Island has seemed to be a task that would overwhelm me if I didn’t have professional assistance. This workshop has helped me to put all my thinking on paper in an organized way. Another aspect that helped me is to dig deeper into myself to find my “why”, my passion for being on this journey.

 John Carney, President and Chief Technology Therapist

Carney Consulting LLC

Exton, PA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Donna on more than one occasion.  Her approach to presenting the information is clear, concise, and always helpful. I value the time I spend with Donna and look forward to working with her in the future.

 Jeff Tincher, Principal

610 Digital LLC

Chester County, PA

Donna gave an outstanding seminar to set my small business on the right course.