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What’s your preference when on a road trip?

Driving the car or sitting in the passenger seat?

Both positions have their advantages. On one hand, the passenger can turn his head in every direction without fear of steering the car off the road. He can take in the mountains off to the right and the ocean shore off to the left with long gazes rather than quick glimpses. He can read a book, he can close his eyes, he can take a nap, and he can take pictures. He can suggest to the driver where to turn and where to pull off to the side of the road.

On the other hand, the passenger can’t have control of the car. He can’t bring it to a stop whenever he pleases. He can’t honestly say he’s driven on new roads, through new cities, new states, and new countries. He can’t attain the full euphoria of being an adventurer; of an explorer having to replace a tire once its tread has been exhausted. The passenger is subjected to the wishes of the driver, from the journey’s direction to the CD player.

Being a driver has its perks but so does being a passenger. Likewise, an employer sometimes has it no better than an employee. An employer may not have the free time an employee might have. But the employee may fall short in terms of meeting personal aspirations and having the luxury of financial resources.

The exact definition of freedom is a debatable and subjective discussion as it relates to being self-employed or traditionally employed. The fear of losing your freedom, the power to control your life, has always been present in human minds.  Is absolute freedom truly the best answer for each of us?

As an <strong>Entrepreneur</strong>, you have the ability to design the parameters of your business (present and future), your role in it (hands on or indirect), those who will work under you (employees) and the people you will serve (customers or clients). There is flexibility in your schedule, policy and direction determining decisions to be made daily, with often wildly fluctuating hours. Consequences and demands begin and end <strong>all</strong> on your shoulders.

To someone with an<strong> Employee</strong> <strong>Mindset</strong>, there is a specific list of tasks required (called a Job Description) clearly depicting where your responsibilities begin and end.  Deviating from may be frowned upon. The tough decisions and forecasting to sustain profitability are the burden of someone else.  Life can be regimented, be more routine, and have fewer unexpected surprises.

Neither being the driver nor the passenger is a perfect dream. But for the one who is committed, it can be.

If you’re in the driver’s seat and like it there, commit to it; if you’re in the passenger’s seat and want to drive, then don’t be afraid to get out of the car you’re in and into your own.

Make the decision which you want to be and pursue it with a passion!