LinkedIn 12 pt 3 7 x 3 55 inch size PPT“Donna Spina has a real talent for helping her coaching clients identify problem areas in their lives, places where they feel “stuck,” and guiding them gently but firmly toward a solution. Her questions and exercises help to clarify the client’s focus and give them a clear path to follow to their goal. Along the way, Donna helps you navigate the path, identifying obstacles and recurrent themes, helping you build your confidence and self-awareness. She encourages trust in the coaching situation and ensures confidentiality, which creates a safe place to explore your personal landscape. The value that Donna’s coaching students receive include: Perspective, Confidence, Clear Direction, Goal Setting Skills, Persistence, and Focus.” Carolyn F., Douglassville, PA

“Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into our coaching sessions. I got alot out of it on many different levels, not the least of which was the help you gave me to prioritize the things that matter most to me and to get things done!” Krista S., Naples, FL

“Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation that I feel for Donna Spina and for all that she has done for me in such a short period of time. I knew from our initial phone conversation that she was the one for me and that my search for a business coach was complete. I could hear the compassion, caring and dedication in her voice. In addition, I could hear confidence and gentle reassurance that she could guide me towards the life that I had always been seeking for myself. Even after only a couple of months working together, I could see massive changes in not only the way that I viewed the world, but – even perhaps more importantly – with how I viewed myself. Donna is selfless, so giving of herself and truly wants to cause breakthroughs for her clients so that they can soar! Donna is always there with encouraging words and eagerly celebrates your WINS with you. For the first time in my life, I can really see the bigger picture. I feel such excitement and eagerness for the future and the many possibilities that it brings. I know that whatever the future holds, I will be ready to welcome it with open arms thanks to Donna and her excellent coaching.” Kristy C., Warminster, PA

“As a business partner and coach, Donna is second to none! Her insights and experience are invaluable toward our/my progression forward in business. She is highly recommended and her credentials speak for themselves. I give her full credit for continued success!” James Y., Sinking Springs, PA

“A lot of coaches I considered came to coaching after working in social work or therapeutic fields. Donna is different. She’s been a business owner and leader. She’s coaching you from actually having been in the driver’s seat. This means her assessment of your situation and her recommendations come from a wisdom that can only be gained through experience. Donna speaks the language of the small business owner. I had a big project that had no deadline, but was important to the future of my company. I had been working on it for over a year. Donna sensed the importance of this project and bumped it to the top of the priority list, even though it didn’t seem “urgent.” We laid out a game plan. Within a month of working with Donna, I completed the project. That alone was worth her fee. I could say that my productivity has increased greatly after working with Donna, and it has, but that’s not the full story. Yes my productivity has increased, but the what has changed as well. I’m spending less time putting out fires and more time on the good work – work that will help my company grow and be profitable not just for next month but for years to come.” Deirdre F., Philadelphia, PA

In this world, there are many products and services whose performance is less than all the hype.  “We will do this for you!”  “Our product will solve all your problems!”  They don’t.  That’s why when you run across a service that really delivers quality and value, you notice it.  Donna Spina is such a service.  I am most impressed with her knowledge of what it takes to succeed, not only in business but in life.  I have a network of quite a few advisors.  However, the quality and competency of her coaching has often led me to ask myself – “do I really need anyone else but her?”  I am impressed by her confidence. She believes that she truly is giving you the coaching you need for success and that gives you confidence to follow it.  She does what she does with calmness and quiet assurance.  While I hope she is never in a burning building, you sense she would be the calm one if she was, helping all the panicked people get safely outside while at the same time presenting herself as if she was out for a quiet stroll in the park.   Yes, I am impressed with Donna Spina.  I highly recommend her for your business or even if you believe you need personal coaching.” Charles W., West Chester, PA