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Is this YOUR Time?

Undecided on whether you truly need to invest in yourself this way? Take a moment to honestly answer a few questions before passing by the opportunity. Simply write YES, NO, or MAYBE after each statement as it applies to you, then tally up letting the numbers speak for themselves.



Answers Your Score
Yes __________ I am ready for coaching!
Maybe __________ I will consider coaching sometime in near future.
No __________ No thanks, not now.


__________ I have just become self-employed for the first time and need Coaching to keep me on task.
__________ I have been in my business for two years and need a Coach for goal setting support in the next stage of growth.
__________ My business is growing faster than I can keep up with it. I need a coach to help me determine which direction is best to follow.
__________ I know changes are needed in my Leadership skills. I need a Coach to assess and guide my improvement.
__________ I will need to make some great hires and doubt my ability to choose employees.
__________ Understanding the numbers in business is important. I am not a numbers person and need a Coach to help keep me accountable to the cash flow, profit and loss aspects of my business.
__________ I should be following up with prospects but I get side tracked with so many other things. I need a Coach to help me design and be accountable to a system so I do not overlook opportunity.
__________ Fear keeps me from doing what I know I should be doing in my business/life.
__________ Lack of Confidence keeps me from doing what I truly want to do in my business/life.
__________ I have the motivation to change but cannot be consistent with it.
__________ I get stuck in my mindset and cannot see past the negatives in my business/life.
__________ I feel so alone in my business and having to figure it all out myself.
__________ I want to try some new things. Wish I could bounce these ideas off someone I could really trust.
__________ I will create the time and money to invest in having myself coached to improve my business/life. I understand coaching is a process, not a quick fix, and am willing to stay the course no less than 3 months.