Imagine you are in a networking event. 

What is the customary first question people will ask?business-woman-with-her-organizer_354 x 501 M1mwhVvO

“So, what do you do?”

Is your identity directly tied to your job title? Yes, it usually is.

What happens when you make a significant career change or decide to become entrepreneurial?

You guessed it!  Suddenly you do not know WHO you are anymore!

The desire to take a different path and pursue a passion, strikes people of all ages, many of which are Baby Boomers.

Business with a Side of Personal Growth Coaching will identify the new leader in you! Learning new skills to up-level your existing career or daring to become entrepreneurial can be stressful and difficult even for the most adventurous adults.   Your priorities, needs, and thought processes are different. Who are you in these new shoes?

Big rewards come from taking calculated risks.

Many high achievers have allowed FEAR to keep them inside their comfort zone.  Pushing out those walls puts steel in your spine and tosses REGRET out the window.

Embrace this Change, accept assistance, and make this investment in your future.

If not, you may never know your true potential.