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If you stand at the barrier you wish to cross, rest before it. Wait out that barrier, until it crashes down before you. If you sit and reason why it has not crumbled to the ground, the voice in your head will cause you to be miles away in the other direction preventing you from hearing your path being cleared. When you return to it, you will find that it has been remade. Being resilient is remaining unfazed by the appearance of inactivity in a present moment and having faith that what has been set in motion will continue in motion.

You’ve done it again. Those around you aren’t overlooking the mistake you’ve made, and you have to face the unsettling reality of the consequences it’ll bring.

What do you do? Do you turn and run, attempt to mitigate the aftermath, or do you wait out your mistake?

Sometimes a misspoken word, a misguided course of action should result in slamming on the brakes and turning around, or veering off the road. Waiting out a poor circumstance will be beneficial only if the road ahead can’t be rebuilt or carefully navigated.

However, more often than not, the road ahead will be cleared in time yet we turn around at the first sign of discouraging conditions.

Be resilient. Not in a hyperactive sense, but meditatively, inwardly.

A broken record that says ‘just do it’ can be destructive. If a wall is built around a city meant to keep out enemies, banging on the gates and threatening violence can assure the wall will stand. But waiting peacefully can be productive. Those inside the wall can be persuaded by confident sublimity. Ponder your approach to each situation case by case.

Maybe at the moment, you don’t need to prove yourself. Maybe you don’t need to make up for your mistake. Maybe you need to wait it out. Then don’t allow anguish to be your partner.

Because the more you fight to make up for your ‘foolishness’ or ‘stupidity,’ the more you will convince yourself you are a ‘fool’ or ‘stupid’ when your barrier remains unshaken. Your task will become increasingly difficult and daunting. What message does that imprint upon your mind and heart?

The answer may be to wait for a time when those titles, self-afflicted or externally-imposed, are forgotten.  Breathe.

Individually, you may need to push through in this season, but as human beings, we certainly think and talk too much when in need of rest or sleep in order to evaluate our best course of response or action.

Human resilience is standing back up in the present to bounce forward into the future rather than retreating to the past. It is the capacity to remain flexible in your thinking, actions, and emotions when under stress. Without resilience, self-confidence and emotional control wanes making decision making and productivity more difficult. A more pessimistic outlook prevails reducing both your overall creativity and the desire to build relationships socially or professionally.

Develop sustainable practices and approaches. Praise yourself for engagement, the effort put forth, and perseverance or the resourceful strategies applied in a challenging situation versus just for your intelligence in doing so. That will grow your motivation and bolster your attitude toward hard work for higher achievement now and later.  Resilience…..worth a try?