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In the past, people have called your business, talent, or work of art ‘exciting’, ‘revolutionary’, ‘inspiring’ but now you can’t see it anymore.


What’s so different than a few weeks ago? You haven’t done anything to doom yourself. You’re doing the same work you were previously convinced would push your career or business forward before. How is it that doubt has crept in and it feels all for nothing now?

If you’re not careful, you can miss out on the many things that can hinder your professional success and passion from multiplying.

Take a conversation with a friend or co-worker where you update them on your day-to-day progress. Unlike the last time you talked, their enthusiasm has disappeared. They want to talk about something else, and you’re left questioning the magnitude and impact your project or business can really have.

If you don’t do something with that self-demeaning thought, you’ll return to your desk and have little motivation to be creative. However, you won’t look to that conversation to see the reason for your sudden disengagement with your work. Instead, you’ll subconsciously long to regain acceptance to validate what you’re doing.

…Acceptance you won’t receive until the next conversation you have when your work is randomly conveyed to a stranger and they encourage you to keep up with what you are doing.

Continuousness belief in your ability to succeed isn’t attained without a personal defense system. Like it or not, you have to carry your work or dream around with a sense of pride. Not to where you belittle your friends, co-workers, or family for not believing in you. Rather, by brushing off their remarks and turning to people who will encourage you subsequently offsetting the disbelief of others. Then, spend time reflecting on WHY your Vision, new business, or project matters and is important to begin with.

Right now, you stand in front of a small dart board featuring the faces of the people in your life. You hope to hit bull’s-eye and attain acceptance for your work. You could train yourself to be a better throw and hit the center; increasing the odds you’ll avoid negative outcomes. Or, grow the size of your world (or dart board) that features only the people that positively influence you in your life, both critically and inspirationally.

You won’t waste time and energy re-convincing yourself and recovering from even well-meaning remarks (from those who are not necessarily the right people) in order to keep your passion for your work or business alive.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

― Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich